Eric Rassi for State Senate

Eric Rassi, longtime advocate and activist

  • Conceived ABC Community Center as winter refuge, East 4th Street, October 1990

  • Held first major meeting to Save the Gardens, Saint Bridget Church, October 1991

  • Coordinated successful campaign to Save NYC Street Fire Alarms, 1996

  • Helped organize ‘squatter/housing movement’, 1989—to successful conversion, 2002

  • Helped ‘redirect’ anti-war demonstrations back to Republican National Convention, 2004

  • Climbed bell tower amid successful efforts to Save Saint Bridget’s Church, 2010

  • Co-founded NYC Free Assange—free all political prisoners!

  • Co-founded Free Speech Movement in Union Square since 2004

  • Spearheaded NYC efforts to expose Covid as deliberately engineered ‘terrible tragedy’ and worldwide coup